UK Nash Hash 2017

25th – 28th

 August 2017

Friday 4pm

Monday 2pm


Easton College

Dereham Road, Easton, Norwich


Sorry no Dogs allowed on Site!



Registration is Now Closed - We're FULL!





Who's a cumin'!



No registration at the event

Fee Includes:


Transport to trails


Beer, Lager, Cider, Wine, Softies on site - Some Trail Drinks but All Trails involve Pubs/Breweries so will require extra cash!

Goody Bag (T-shirt, beer mug, etc.)


Camping Spot


Tourist Stuff Below:

Visit East Anglia







Hello Dreary,

                       unfortunately I am a slave to the four letter word, no not that one but the w*rk one!  I can no longer attend UK Nash Hash 2017 I have a rego for sale, how can I advertise this & sell it on?


Registration is Now Closed - We're FULL!




Bienvenue Dreary,

                                 I have booked a room for the weekend, but as I am flying in, I have limited hand luggage which is taken up by bottles of Belgian drink, but at these weekends I always seem to find that the big-boys pick on me in the Circle and I end up needing a shower afterwards.  What do you recommend?


Monsieur Higgins,

                               bedding is supplied for the room but you will need to bring a towel in your luggage to dry yourself off with after the many showers you'll need over the weekend.  Try bribing the bigger boys with the imported Booze!





Hi Dreary,

                 When I am not holding one hand over one ear & holding my other arm up in the air, I like to keep my hand in & though my g-string is now slack & withered, plus I sing in the Key of Yale, can I bring my Air Guitar along? 


Dear Junior,

                     you can bring your air-guitar, air drums, air tambourine on which you can play along to Jake the Peg on Sunday afternoon for a musical jam session!





Good day Deary,

                             I wish to partake in the Wine & cheese soirée & have a mature stinking bishop, but enough of that!  I would like to bring some cheese along but don't want it to end up as ripe as Twonk’s old undercrackers on sultry day!  Do you have somewhere cool where I can safely where store this?


Yes, we do have refrigerated facilities, please see Windsock & Tops know of your predicament, oh & the Cheese!





Hi There Dreary,

                            Can I put my name down for a shift behind the Bar


Dear Sauer Kraut,

                               please see Rasher to put your name on the roster, then just walk around to the opposite side of the counter when its your turn, you've the experience of working the Bar at 'Church' on the Rock, plus you don't have far to go if you want to top up your drink!





Dearest, Dearest Dreary,

                                           I have thespian tendencies, but despite these I have always wanted to be on stage.  Darling, if I am not struck by stage-fright, may I get up and perform on Saturday Evening?


Dear Timekeeper,

                               we have always suspected this, also if you do have an idea just for an act let Winsock & Tops know what you have planed, to see if it is of the suitably low high UK Nash Hash standards -  if so you're in, also inform them If you need any background music to drown out the audience's geering or a the use of microphones so you can be heard above the din!





Dear Dreary,

                       I recently heard that those who attended EuroHash had to try and find wifi to view the website for information on the Trails and timings, I am a bit of a Luddite and not technically minded, how do I find out such important info?

Yours a luddite


Dear My Lil' Sperm 'ead, 

                                          thank you so much for your post card.

UK Nash Hash is in Deepest, Darkest Norfolk, so you’ll fit right in, its like being in the dark ages here as we have only just lost the telegram service.

We will provide you with an itinerary & Trail details on Paper, Buses will also be marked with run distance!  This information will also be available on the UK Nash Hash Webshite but not sure if anyone will be able to pick up a wiffy signal in deepest Norfuck?



Hi there Dreary,

                           I intend to bring my favourite Red Wine of 13.5% to the Wine & Cheese afternoon, however I recently encountered a few issues concerning wine bottles with corks, firstly my Junior Butler failed to purchase a bottle with a screw cap whilst gallivanting on my Travels, then when I was overseas I bad a similar issue.  To confound the issue, the corkscrew I bought was in a seemingly unopenable plastic pack, as were the scissors I bought to cut it out!  Will I be suffering dejavu at NASH hash?


Dear Panda,

                     well there you are, No such worries at UK Nash 2017 if you steer clear of Junior & Greek corkscrews sealed plastic bubble packs, sure we will have a corkscrew behind the bar, while your there you can pull a shift as well!


'ello Dreary,

                     sweetie, is it true I have to bring by own Lanyard?


Dear Lemming,

                          yes, you should bring a lanyard for your UK NASH HASH 2017 ID card, as we intend to spend your hard earned on booze & other essentials.  Surely you must have one laying about somewhere in your Hobbit Hole!  If not we'll give you some string, though it may clash with your vest?  At least you can recycle the string to tie up stray dogs with.